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Wearing Stripes: Fashion's Antidote

Virginia James, honorary member of the IDC Style Tribe, takes over the Journal contemplating Stripes as the perfect antidote to the pressures of 'fashion'…

“I have found myself continually reaching for items in my wardrobe, lurking like a forgotten teddy bear, items which have lain dormant for years.YES years!

I'm shocked...

As an avid collector of clothes, well style, I have most recently been in the most flamboyant of clothing choices. Referred to as ‘Bohonista’, ‘Rock chic’, ‘Princess’. My excitement for vintage finds was endless. Well now it seems ....a time for calm, to be in the moment, ready for the new, ready for change. The seasons are of course, in transition and with that a new clarity dawns upon us. Not to mention that the world is in chaos and perhaps that brings a new sobriety.

And so, ‘Simplicity of Style’ is a place to start.

‘When did this turn around begin?’ I hear you ask....worried for my boho dresses sleeping like fairy tale heroines in my over packed cupboards. Well, the trip to St Tropez in July was inevitably of influence. I brought back striped tops for all my 3 teenaged daughters. Which were (astoundingly for teenagers ) well received!! Understated, season-less chic with a straightforward ‘frenchness’ and a nod to AUDREY, BRIDGET ETC ...

In August, whilst sale-surfing in a very pretty boutique, my eyes fell upon a simple red and navy striped satin top. Stripes to last!! And that is the point. In these troubled unstable times let's keep things simple. There are so many choices, quick fixes, too many options and the wish for style to last is overriding. So now my wardrobe is easy: a white shirt, a stripe sweater, never ending navy, great jeans…But, I can't say no to ‘fantasy shoes’, a trinket or two of boho jewellery and YSL red lips ...

As COCO CHANEL once said "fashion was made to become unfashionable "(learnt from a matchbox and never forgotten). We are fed up of the cheap copies, we yearn for a sense of identity and longevity...Give yourself space, dress easily, nonchalantly, regardless of the pressures of being “up to date” and you will feel energised, individual and ready for the moment.

This of course, wonderfully reinvented by the studio of ILLE DE COCOS. Choose your style here for all the changes you need and never thought you'd be able to live without. You’ll fall in love with this amazing new collection ....and the choices you make will serve you well and mix in with your own look."

Virginia James (clothing addict /traveller/ IDC Style Tribe member)

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