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My Happy Place....


 Alice Pickard, style-seeker and co-founder of Philosophy Squared, takes over the journal to share her favourite London spot for inspiration and vintage finds.

"I would never have imagined that my 'happy place' at the age of 30 would be a furniture shop. It turns out you can surprise yourself....

The furniture shop in question, The Old Cinema will surprise you too! If I'm wandering on the Chiswick High Road (or taking an accidental detour!) I can't help but be drawn in, no matter how much of a rush I'm in or how much money I (don't) have! 

Like a West London Aladdin's cave, it is filled to the brim with incredible items from every decade across three jam-packed floors.

I've always been a lover of vintage items but only in moderation. I don't want to have to work too hard to find a previously loved item, but here it seems that most items have been loved for all the right reasons, hugged to death and then restored with care and attention for their next lucky owner... 

Housed in the very beautiful but unassuming 1920s frontage of the old picture house, it is home to a whole host of unique and interesting pieces. From costume jewellery to lighting, to clocks, armchairs and dressing tables, it is a joy to have a rummage. The difference here though, is that nearly every piece is eye-catching and you will find yourself justifying the introduction of a large multi-drawer 1930s Art Deco chest into your minimalist London home! 

The owners clearly have an eye for vintage luxury and items are either naturally beautiful and timeless, or they had been restored in such a way that there is a feeling that the whole place has been curated with love. 

A visit here never fails to excite me. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful chapel chair, a chest of drawers, a phrenology bust and a stunning wall clock and I can always convince myself that I need just one more feather for the nest!"

By Alice Pickard, philosophiser, style seeker, IDC Style Tribe member. Philosophy Squared, based on London's Kings Road, is on a virtuous mission to "quench curious minds"....Find out more here.