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3 denim-inspired looks to refresh your Spring wardrobe

Whether your thinking of splashing out on the new perfect pair of jeans or reviving and refreshing your old-faithfuls, Spring-time at Ille De Cocos is always a good time to go back-to-denim. To coincide with the launch of our new Spring blues, we've searched for the perfect denim partners for modern, effortless, everyday looks you can recreate. Complete with this seasons pick of chic footwear.

Look 1: Triple Denim is the new Double Denim

Ille De Coco denim outfit inspiration

Merino Poncho Sweater by Ille De Cocos

Le Skinny de Jeanne distressed mid-rise jeans by Frame Denim

The King Kitty Pumps by Charlotte Olympia


Look 2: Super Stars & Stripes
Ille De Coco denim outfit inspiration
Look 3: Qui, Moi? Boyfriends are forever
Ille De Coco denim outfit inspiration

NAVY Is Always A Good Idea

As the nights draw in and we prepare for the season's change, Virginia James takes over the Journal with an ode to all things Navy...

"Blue, especially Navy is always a good idea. Definitely at this moment as the nights draw in and we enter the seasonal change with confidence and naughtiness combined.

For a few years now I have gradually begun to realise that Navy Blue, like Paris and ink, is always a good idea.

Blue, the colour of velvety midnight skies and of hopeful dawns ...beginning pale, full of ideas and hopefulness. Through to dark, sensual and romantic.

The dark inkiness of Navy Blue is the new front-row Black, favoured by the fashion crowd, Parisians, uniform dressers and city people. It can give you an air of seriousness, good class...and perhaps make you feel more effortlessly together.

This makes life, oh so much simpler.

It is friendlier than Black and feels undoubtedly more modern.

Bring me everything in Navy ....I am packing my weekly travel wardrobe with as many Navy hues as I can. There is nothing more pleasing than a luscious Navy crew-neck sweater with a twist. Add a great blue based print or ...3/4 pleat top tapered pants and you are literally ready-steady-go for the week.

Today I have chosen: A sweet French Navy lace dress and feel at ease, able to think, hoping that the day will bring its own blue sky challenges ...I'm ready.

I think nothing of mixing Black with Navy. In fact, there is a joyous wave of rebellion in mixing these forbidden deadly dark shades together.

So start popping Blues into your wardrobe. Stealthily support Navy. It'll be in your favourites for years to come, assured.

Buy carefully, not frivolously and Blue will reward.

Think of those skies Blue to Blue ...



Of course, feeling Blue's time."

By Virginia James (clothing addict /traveller/ IDC Style Tribe member)

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